This is my personal blog site containing a bit of what I do, and some more information about Web development. Thanks for dropping by!



Having now over 10 years experience in IT, and about 6 as a developer I’ve also acquired various qualifications during my career including a First Class Honours Degree in Business Information Technology.

I enjoy developing web sites and coordinating projects, I could never draw a line in between being a technical/business person as I firmly believe that both go hand in hand.

An interesting project I’ve worked on I was the implementation of an entertainment system on a luxurious passenger vessel. The whole project involved the implementation of DELL servers storing thousands of songs and movies, all made available using Windows Media Centre in the client machines, I was in charge of the whole project including the buying process, design, and hiring professionals to assist with the implementation of the infrastructure needed to support such as system. See pictures below:

Pictures by Mark Wagner

My programming language of choice from begin was PHP, and I have developed using with various free open source solutions based in PHP such as Joomla, WordPress, Zen Cart and Magento, and wordpress .

Following PHP’s natural evolution I went on to develop well architected applications using MVC through various frameworks, currently all my MVC projects use the Zend Framework, choice made due to its position in the market, and of of the readly available extensions and develoment tools.

Recently I started flirting with mobile apps using Phone Gap and successfully developed an android Cloud Music Player, which currently is just for my personal use, not because I am a selfish geek, but just because there are so many hours in the day!

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